Faculty of Law

About the course

The purpose of the law is the creation and protection of legal rights. Legal education is the basis of an efficient legal profession, which is the4 basis of a well-organized and sound judicial system. Legal practitioners help the courts in the administration of justice by providing the best legal arguments for and against the case. For a sound judicial administration, the judges and the persons in the legal profession must have a thorough knowledge of law. Thus it becomes necessary that an adequate number of law professionals with an understanding of the subject and an ability to communicate the basic concepts of law must be trained.

These courses aim at providing the fundamental knowledge of law and the ability to present their cases practically. Emphasis is also laid on communication and presentation skills, as lawyers have to cross examine the witness to establish the facts before the court.

Future Prospects

Prospects for law graduates are tremendous. Lawers can become corporate counsellors, looking after the work of comanies in legal matters. They can work with law firms, be it in private practice as legal advisors, advocates and solicitors or work for NGOs. Law graduates can also be employed in Government services and they can also prepare for judicials services or government services.