Faculty of Architecture

About the course

Understanding design to create for a particular purpose and architectural design to create space-exercise in terms of simple drawing and sketching of objects available in nature and surroundings. Form created through lines (columns) and planes (volumes) and the combination thereof. Geometrical, structural, dimensional, material, spatial orders-through observation of surroundings as well as simple exercises in 2D and 3D exercise in order and transformations of form and space.

Future Prospects

The Bachelor of Architecture Degree Programme prepares students for professional practice in the field of Architecture. Being an undergraduate program, it has bright scope providing exposure to a variety of interests in this field and assisting students to discover their own directions for future development.

Architecture has been influencing the life of people since the very beginning of settled life. This development can be seen in the human abodes of prehistoric times to the hi-tech settlements of present days and further in the conceptual ideas to be implemented in the future.

This overall progress in the design and variety of spaces by themselves says a lot about the fact that architecture and its impact on generations; Shri Ram School of Architecture was started in the year 2010. Since then the school and its students have made a special place for themselves in the professional community with their consistent hard work and dedication.