Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

About the course

Journalism is concerned with the collection and dissemination of news through the print and electronic media. Career in journalism is a prestigious as well as highly paid profession. The opportunities in journalism are endless. At the same time, a job in this field has become more challenging. Mass Communication is one of the processes of communication operating in the society at a wider level. Electronic media with its various forms has upgraded the study of Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising.

BAJMC Staff members & Students with Aaj Tak Team

A qualified professional can take up a job of educating, informing, persuading, interpreting, and guiding. Working in print media offers the opportunities to be a news reporter, an editor, a feature writer, a photojournalist, etc. Electronic media offers great opportunities of being a News Reporter, News Editor, News Reader, Programme Anchor, Interviewer, Cameraman, Producer, Director etc. Advertising is a line for a creative and artistic person. Planning, designing or promoting a product, all fall under the purview of advertising.

BAJMC students on Out door documentary Shooting

BAJMC students during the practice session in SRGC studio

Advantages of Course

This course helps the candidate to acquire theoretical and application information on various areas related to journalism and mass communication. The course acts as a basis for higher study options, such as master and doctorate level programs in mass communications. This helps the candidate to build up a challenging career in media sector with lucrative salary packages. The same allow opportunity to travel and make contact with a lot of admired personalities.

BAJMC students participated in a Media Event

BAJMC students participated in "Open Mike Competition"

This course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of communication and mass communication. The study of this course will help the students to understand the process of communication, Mass Communication and related theories and models of communication.