Faculty of Home Science

About the course

Home science is the science of a home and it includes all the things that is concerned with the person, home family members and resources. It is the education for better living and the core of this education is the family ecosystem. It also deals with reciprocal relations between the family and its natural and man made environments.

It aims getting maximum satisfaction for the person and their family members through the efficient and scientific use of their resources. It gives the person all the knowledge of the scientific procedures involved in making a home beatiful. Home science integrates the application of various sciences and humanities to improve human environment, family nutrition, management of resources and child development.

A number of Home Science Experts in different fields of specialization from renowned institutions are invited for interaction with students so as to widen their intelluctual horizon.

Future Prospects

Home Science as a field of study is application oriented and prepares one for many professions. After completing graduation in Home science, Master in Textile Designing, Dietetics, Teaching, Social Work, Development Studies, Enterpreneurship ,Mass Communication, Catering Technology, Export-Import houses, Interior Designing etc .